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Salut tout le monde / Hello Everybody!

[x] What Is Your LJ Sn: Azh'
[x] What Is Your Real Name(optional): Aiguma
[x] Are You In School: yes
[x] If So, What Type(example-middle school, college, ect.): university (3rd years)
[x] If Not, What Is Your Age: 20
[x] Have You Ever Read Any Gossip Girl Novels: yes
[x] If So Which Ones:1, 2, 3, 4. 5&6 aren't yet released in France
[x] Are You A Fan Of Gossip Girl Novels: of course
[x] Have You Read Any A-List Novels: what's an A-List Novels ?
[x] If So, Are You A Fan: /
[x] Are You A Fan Of The Movie Mean Girls: haven't seen it yet.
[x] If So Check Out My Other Community meangirls_fan
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