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perfect gg cast

[x] What Is Your LJ Sn: urbanchicka
[x] What Is Your Real Name(optional): andrea
[x] Are You In School: yep
[x] If So, What Type(example-middle school, college, ect.): junior high
[x] If Not, What Is Your Age:
[x] Have You Ever Read Any Gossip Girl Novels: yep
[x] If So Which Ones: the first four, i have to read the last two
[x] Are You A Fan Of Gossip Girl Novels: duh
[x] Have You Read Any A-List Novels: yes, the first one
[x] If So, Are You A Fan: yep
[x] Are You A Fan Of The Movie Mean Girls: yeah, i got it on DVD

Here's what I think the perfect GG cast is..

Megan Fox as Blair


Rachel McAdams as Serena



Hayden Christensen as Nate

p52.jpg p36.jpg

Milo from Gilmore Girls as Dan


Jesse McCartney as Chuck

jesse5.jpg jesse-mccartney.jpg

Shane West as Aaron

shane1001.gif shanewest_150x207.jpg

Jojo as Jenny

685.jpg jojo-picture-13.jpg

Raven as Isabel and Hilary Duff as Kati

110599182787.jpg F_NAV

Lizzy Caplan as Vanessa

Oh, and who do you think is Gossip Girl?
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