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Fanfic : C'est Claire

Title :  Gossip Girl : C'est Claire
Author: pandorasbox88
Disclaimer : I own nothing....just Claire Bass.
Gendre : Romance/Family/Thriller
Rating : PG
Characters: Blair, Chuck, Dorota, etc.
Chapter : Oneshot
Summary : She's Back....???
Spoilers : My Prequel


Blair Waldorf Bass sat in the kitchen of her posh Upper East Side penthouse enjoying a steaming hot cup of Cranberry Blood-Orange Tea while listening to the gentle sounds in the next room.

"Be careful with Daddy's Piaget sweetheart, it's very expensive." Chuck Bass said.  He was given a response of gurgling and a cute smile. 

Meanwhile, Blair heard the doorbell ring and ran to answer it.  "Dorota!..." Blair whispered, shellshocked. 

"Hello, Miss Blair..." Dorota said quietly.

" H-how did you find me ? " Blair asked.

"Mrs. Eleanor told me you are here." Dorota said slowly.  "You are fine ?"

"Yes." Blair continued.  "I haven't seen you since the wedding."

"Auntie Serena came to see us." Blair heard Chuck's voice say as he came closer.  "Hey, si-" Chuck started to say, expecting to see Serena.  "What..the ...he growled, focusing a dark stare on Dorota.  "What are you doing here ?"

"Hello, Mr. Chuck" Dorota said, hanging her head in shame.

In his arms, Chuck held the most perfect mixture of his and Blair's DNA of the female persuation, wrapped in a lavender dress by Juicy Couture with tiny white ponies on it.  A matching ribbon held it's long medium-brown hair out of it's coffee eyes.

18-month-old Claire Bass gently sneezed into her father's navy blue sweater by J. Crew.  "Bless you, Princess."  Chuck placed a kiss on his daughter's hair ribbon.  "You publicized my life, Blair's life, my sister's life, and all our friends' lives,then you diappear,  and now all you can say is hello?"  Chuck raised his voice in anger.

"Chuck, go in the living room take a breather, I'll be there in a minute."  Blair said calmly.

"But-!" Chuck huffed.  Claire begins to cry.

"Chuck, go you're scaring the baby." Blair's voice was firm.

Chuck gave his little girl to her mother.  Then he briskly walked away.

"Mr.Chuck, he never change." Dorota confirmed.  "What do you call your daughter, Miss Blair ?"

"Claire."  Blair said proudly.

"For Mr. Chuck and you." Dorota said with a smile. 

"Yes." Blair said.

"Miss Blair, you don't have cleaning lady?" Dorota asked.

"No, not for right now, Blair explained.  "Chuck and I wanted just to live a simple life for now."

"Miss Blair, I come to explain, may I come?"  Dorota almost begged.

"Okay." Blair's tone was low.

In the living room, Chuck sat on the sofa.  His hair was messed up from frustration.  A large shot glass was in front of him filled with scotch and ice.

Blair walked in the room, followed by Dorota.  She layed Claire in Chuck's lap and sat next to him across from Dorota.

"It was starting innocent, but then the control was out fast." Dorota explained.  "My cleaning lady friends had much jealousy for me because I work for beautiful young Miss Blair."

"They want me to say everything,but I said I will not, never."  "Then , behind my front they take all innocent things and make dirty blog."

"Then, one day you leave your phone to me and they find videos. They put video on blog."  Dorota sighed.

"Videos? What videos ?" Chuck pressed.

"Chuck! I don't want to know, okay?" Blair responded.

" They want give me money for videos."  "I did not  want to take, but-"  Dorota's voice saddened.

"But what?" Blair was curious.

"At same time, my mother was much sick in Poland.  She was in hospital in Krakow.  She was having surgery. Money was helping her."

"Why didn't you ask me for money ? Blair wondered.

"I am proud, Miss Blair."  Dorota confirmed. 

"Is your mother okay, now ?" Chuck's tone softened.

 "She is not in life any more, Mr. Chuck.  " I go to Poland tomorrrow for funeral.  I stay with friends tonight."  Dorota got up to leave.

"No, Dorota, wait." Blair said softly.

"Tommorrow, you can take the corperate jet to Poland".  Chuck announced.

"You'll stay with us tonight." Blair finished.

"Thank you." Dorota said a bit shocked.

The next morning, Dorota cooked breakfast for everyone. 

"Just like the old days!"  Blair said happily.

"Goodbye, Little Miss Claire." Dorota kissed the baby.  Claire gave Dorota a big smile and a tiny wave.

After Dorota left, Blair turned to Chuck.  "I love when you show your soft side, Bass.  I also love when your hair is messed up."

"I  love it when you mess my hair up, Waldorf." Chuck said slyly.

They share a french kiss.  Claire giggles.

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