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FF. Serena's Diary

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Title : Serena's Diary
Fandom: Gossip Girl
Disclamier: I own nothing.
Characters: Serena.
Gendre : Romance
Rating : PG
Summary : Serena's Heartbreak.
Chapter : Oneshot.
Spoilers: Season 2.

Dear Diary,

I can't tell anyone about this............not even Blair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Dan told me " Let's not be friends." I acted all ok with it, but I'm really not.................I'm completely heartbroken! I've been crying ever since.  I will only confess this to you....Dan is my one and only true love.  Not Gabriel, not Carter, Dan Humphrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan is a perfect Gingerbread Boy. Sweet, and oh so cute! get it ? His hair is sweet dark brown-colored frosting.  His eyes are two chocolate chips.  His lips are red licorice.

Yummy.  This description reminds me of the time on the bus with Dan with the chocolate-dipped strawberries...and snuck in the bathroom and made out ! so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!  That's my favorite memory of us.......  well, except for when know.

Sadly, me and my true love are star-crossed.  Well, sort of.  My  true love is my quasi half brother ? or stepbrother ? ( If my mother marries Rufus.)  We still share a half brother.

Can you imagine Thanksgiving Dinner ?

At the Kids' table it will be : Me, Jenny, Eric, (our new brother.), Chuck and Dan !

Family Drama Anyone ?



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