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[x] What Is Your LJ Sn: Alex_Ashley
[x] What Is Your Real Name(optional): Alex Ashley lol
[x] Are You In School: Yes
[x] If So, What Type(example-middle school, college, ect.): 9th grade
[x] If Not, What Is Your Age: 15
[x] Have You Ever Read Any Gossip Girl Novels: Of course
[x] If So Which Ones: All:D
[x] Are You A Fan Of Gossip Girl Novels: Definitely
[x] Have You Read Any A-List Novels: Summer boys?
[x] If So, Are You A Fan: Not so big as GG but I liked it.
[x] Are You A Fan Of The Movie Mean Girls:
It's a good movie.

Tnx for your time:)

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